We are convinced that product quality is one of the key elements of our partners’ success. For this reason, in addition to internal standards, we comply with the regulations established by numerous globally recognized certifications that guide all processes, from the preparation of raw materials to the production of the bulk.

Thanks to the FDA registration, our supplements, which are all 100% Made in Italy, can be exported to the United States; moreover, compliance with the standards established by the Halal Certification facilitates the entry of our customers into further international markets.

It establishes the guidelines that define management actions, in order to ensure favorable conditions for the production of safe food. It includes many basic procedures to be met with the aim of protecting the final consumer.

It allows us to place the corresponding logo on all products that contain at least 95% ingredients from organic farming.

It certifies that the tested products comply with the ethical and hygienic-sanitary standards of the law and the doctrine of Islam and therefore can be marketed in all Muslim countries.