Top quality ingredients, coming from the best international companies in the sector, this is our plus. Each blend is then declined in a unique way thanks to the wide range of aromas and essences:

  • Blends based on Proteins from different sources
  • Mix of Carbohydrates and Proteins in different formulations
  • Carbohydrate based products
  • Powders with the addition of functional ingredients such as Creatine, L-Carnitine, Vitamins, Minerals and Micronutrients
  • Replacement meals

Our latest advances in understanding the interactions between flavor and blend ingredients provide us with an unmatched ability to help our customers develop supplements that deliver exceptional taste as well as excellent performance.


We dress our blends of powders and granulates, according to need, in bottles with a capacity of up to 8000ml, in single-serving sachets that we package in display boxes or in stand-alone bags from 500 to 4000g:

  • SACHETS 1,5 – 150g
  • Sachets in PET ALL PE material
  • In single or twin format
  • Heat-sealed single-dose tubular sachet
  • Provided with easy opening
  • Ideal for granules
  • Stand up pouches with zipper
  • Ideal for all powder products
  • PET bottles with screw, snap closure, with induction safe
  • Ideal for all powder products