Growth and Value: Our strategy is purpose and performance-driven.
We are always an ambitious company, which is why we aim for continuous evolution with the desire to always want to generate value for all our stakeholders, from customers to employees and society in general.
We aim to offer a portfolio of products that evolve with consumer needs, that promote good nutrition, contributing to healthier and more balanced lives.
This guides the choices we make today and shapes our tomorrow, through product evolution, technology and innovation.
Through robust scientific research, regulatory compliance, marketing support and functional delivery solutions, we are able to deliver products that stand out in a highly competitive market.

  • At all stages of production
  • Open approach to increase access to disruptive ideas and technologie
  • Personalized nutritional solutions
  • Research translated into relevant innovations to be adapted to customer need
  • Suitable and profitable products for specific sales channels in different markets
  • Supplements with significant benefits


Today, consumers of nutritional products that provide health benefits are more discerning and informed than ever.

Analyzing and knowing the market, therefore, represents the first and most critical aspect to consider when wanting to launch a new product; only its appropriate evaluation can allow certain sales results to be achieved.

Ekalab provides its expertise in identifying the most interesting products for the reference marketplace based on the preferences of the defined target, the positioning and the customer’s sales objectives; the company also provides important support in determining sales channels.


Research and innovation are the core of our ambition. We aim to design products that have a purpose, for people to choose them again and again. For this, we select the best raw materials from all over the world, study and analyze new market trends, identify new technologies to offer unique and innovative products.

Our researchers are fully equipped with advanced laboratory equipment and instruments, and have specialized methodologies for the accelerated evaluation of the feasibility of a product.

Research is the main driver of our innovation, what transforms our science into brilliant products.

We master two fundamental areas:

and the ability to select the most appropriate ingredients, both of plant and animal origin, which have proven benefits and which we can combine in our laboratories.

for the best product packaging, based on the organoleptic characteristics of the formulations and customer needs.

<Our research is also focused on another very important aspect, indispensable for the success of our customers’ products: the analysis of market trends and sector news.>


We formulate with passion and competence putting our know-how at the service of the customer, to provide a current product and constant regulatory assistance.

We believe that the best way to contribute to our customers’ success is by sharing our knowledge and expertise with them to transform their insights into products that consumers want and need.

To obtain an excellent result, we divide the research process into three basic phases:

  • the brief with the client
  • the formulation
  • the sampling

Teamwork and the sharing of ideas and thoughts are promoted in our Research and Development laboratories. This is why we collaborate with University Centers of excellence:

  • University of Padua
  • University of Milan
  • University of Perugia
  • The University of Pavia

It is thanks to these collaborations that we have carried out clinical studies and highly prestigious scientific publications to support the formulations developed. Furthermore, this approach so focused on the connection and contamination of ideas allows us to explore how the value of a specific technology in a particular application area can be used to develop products and processes in completely different fields.

< Our research aims to unite the best thoughts and ideas, wherever they are. >

Once the final formulation is reached, we provide regulatory assistance through a specialized team, which excels in facilitating responses from global health authorities and in providing the most specific and up-to-date guidance on rules and regulations regarding dietary supplements.

We back up the benefits of our products with valid scientific justifications; we systematically monitor trends and regulatory topics on dietary supplements to always be prepared and speed up the timescales for approval by the authorities before being released on the market.


At Ekalab we know that the intent in creating a formulation can make the difference in placing a product on the market that simply stimulates the interest of consumers or vice versa differentiates itself from the competition on a store shelf.
That’s why we pour all our curiosity and intuition into everything we help develop and why quality ingredients or an ingenious formulation aren’t enough to produce a successful product; you need a partner.

We take care to embellish the formulation with an attractive design without forgetting the importance of efficient packaging for logistics: dressed in the right pack, the product is ready from every point of view to conquer the market.

< Selection and quality always come first, in every stage of production: from food safety to packaging. >

The finished supplement is the result of multiple steps that are carried out meticulously and with Commitment by dedicated teams of competent and passionate professionals.

Whether it is a novelty or an improvement of an existing line, Ekalab combines innovation with the use of excellent ingredients with the aim of helping the customer enter the market quickly and with an offer that is worthwhile.

For this reason, quality, safety and effectiveness are given priority in every stage of the process, especially in the selection of suppliers for the procurement of raw materials; the latter must diligently comply with the quality standards that Ekalab requires and ensures to its customers.